New NEw NEW!!!!!

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New NEw NEW!!!!!

Post  IRFluffy on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:45 am

WE R NOW LVL FREAKING 3 oooooohhhh yeaaaaa

ok so guesssss waaaat Surprised

current equirement is lvl 18 o.o

meaning by end of next week if ur not lvl 18 ur out like that
*****INCLUDING ALTS***********

sooo after next week ill have requirement to lvl 20

then after that to lvl 25

ima pk u bisshes jk i <3 u guys>Very Happy

was told this is harsh punishement
PFFFF u have a month to get to lvl 30 getch yuall asses to 30!

btw not a totaly biitch if u give me reasnable notification i will take in consideration


if u have noticed a number by ur name it means ur r not a perminet member u have to earn your title
number means your lvl and /0 means how many times u have lvled
if you recieve no lvl by 2/23 u will be booted from the faction
this also includes alts!
most of u guys dont have to worry about it, but those who r wanting to put a fight up to this r the ones that do.

And one more matter if you see a W1 or W2 by your name it means warnings you wont see a W3 b.c u will be already kicked from the faction.

I do not i repeat do not accept any guild drama, with in the guild chat majority of people use a game to exscape or to just have fun.

we do not need drama impacts, within the chat if its important take it to WHISPER. not only will u get a warning but so will the other person.

I also give out different warnings upon my opinion, I don consult the other officers so im not totally selfish upon the matter.

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